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PowerPSA Consulting, a leader in  security operations improvements for MSPs and MSSPs, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Empath, an innovative learning management and accountability platform dedicated to upskilling MSP employees through its engaging content and state-of-the art and proprietary learning journeys.  

This collaboration will offer members of PowerPSA’s vCISO program – The PowerGRYD – free access to Empath’s comprehensive learning resources. 

As part of this initiative, PowerPSA’s Founder, Jesse Miller, has recorded an exclusive course for the Empath platform titled “What is Risk,” introducing essential risk management concepts tailored for MSPs.  

“Partnering with Empath allows us to further empower our PowerGRYD vCISO program by providing access to top-notch educational resources. This collaboration is a game-changer for MSPs looking to elevate their cybersecurity practices.” says Miller. 

Wes Spencer, Co-Founder of Empath  added: 

“Jesse Miller has always been the bees knees. We’re beyond thrilled to join forces with the PowerGRYD. Empath has never been about solving the learning process for MSPs alone. This partnership will give MSPs a huge advantage with training, content and accountability the MSP-verse has never seen before.” 

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About PowerPSA Consulting

PowerPSA Consulting specializes in helping MSPs and MSSPs enhance their cybersecurity operations and profitability using the DRESS for Success framework – a full-spectrum cyber operations blueprint. With a focus on strategic risk assessments and vCISO services, PowerPSA offers a proven model for scaling security services. 

About Empath

Empath is a learning management and accountability platform designed to upskill MSP employees through tailored learning experiences. By providing industry-specific courses and resources driven through accountability based learning, Empath helps MSPs build competent and effective teams. 

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