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✔️ Resources simplify your go-to-market
✔️ Your skills amplified by experts
✔️ Deliver vCISO at scale

Elevate your vCISO practice in weeks.
Save time on creating templates, methodologies and best practices.

Scale your vCISO practice and revenue.

Nik Vargas - CISO

"... a 'cybersecurity whisperer' - bringing the current state of maturity into clear perspective while providing a path toward the appropriate ideal."

Noel Catrambone - Director of Consulting

"... high level of cybersecurity technical acumen combined with his soft skills make him one of the best cyber security professionals I have had the opportunity to work with."

Steve Melchiorre - CEO

"... did a phenomenal job in researching, implementing and orchestrating multiple underlying cyber solutions into a total managed cybersecurity service and offering."

Kevin Rubin - CIO

"... optimal outcomes for any organization - can look at situations through the eyes of IT, security, as well as work with the C-level to build consensus."

Brendan Byrd - Cybersecurity Engineer

"...will give you a push when you need it, sit down with you to see how life is treating you and if there is anything you need to make work better or easier."

Phil Holmer - Founder

"... a deep understanding of the industry. His personalized approach was instrumental in helping clarify my business goals and chart a strategic path to achieve them."

Alex Cher - Principal Security Architect

"... helped develop a successful MSSP program from ground up and designed multiple cybersecurity solutions to address top security controls."

Chad Edstrand - Owner

"... immediately-actionable advice on improving my communication around cybersecurity with clients."

Empower, Execute, Excel: The vCISO Blueprint for Success

Empowerment through knowledge and networking, execution through practical tools and templates, and excellence through proven methodologies and best practices. Get ready to take your vCISO offering to the next level.

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The PowerGRYD™ Community: Where vCISOs go to Scale

Tap into PowerGRYD, the pivotal hub for service providers aiming to scale. Collaborate with peers, access the latest in vCISO methodologies, and utilize essential tools and templates designed for immediate impact. Empower your practice with the collective wisdom and resources of the PowerGRYD community, transforming expertise into scalable success.


Build mechanisms to capture premium market share.

Tactical Cyber Advisory

Swiftly perform initial risk review. Develop short and long-term roadmaps to give your clients an easy button for approval.
Learn More

Risk Intelligence

Expertly synthesize the risk landscape with a business approach to provide clients with clarity on cyber spending decisions.
Learn More


Uncover additional opportunities by ensuring cyber initiatives are moved forward and policies are developed then adhered to.
Learn More

Constant Value

Use repeatable and modular systems to demonstrate behind-the-scenes value to the client on a consistent basis.
Learn More

Service and Deliverables

Defined, regular touchpoints and value-packed deliverables are the cornerstone of your vCISO program.
Learn More

Premium Pricing

Learn how to value position and sell vCISO MRR contracts above 60% gross margin. Get off the consulting hamster wheel.
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From learning to leading: your vCISO journey begins here.

Take action today and unleash a new revenue stream by offering premium vCISO services. It’s not just an incremental improvement…

It’s a significant leap in your firm’s P&L.


You have questions? We have answers.

What is included in the community?

  • Group forums 
  • vCISO video courses 
  • vCISO guides and methodologies 
  • Helpful templates to use in your vCISO practice 
  • Ask-Me-Anything sessions with highly experienced vCISOs  
  • A free 12-month license to *the* leading vCISO platform

What will I learn?

  • Developing an ICP and Go-to-Market 
  • Building a pitch deck 
  • Pricing calculator 
  • Template SOWs 
  • Service delivery methodology 
  • Using vCISO technological tools and tactics

How will this help me?

  • Accelerate the learning curve.
  • Launch your vCISO practice in months.   
  • Provide high quality vCISO services to your clients. 
  • Save time with templates, methodologies and best practices.  
  • Scale your vCISO practice and revenue more easily. 

Why should I care?

  • Build a profitable and predictable revenue stream for you MSP.
  • Join a diverse network of vCISO professionals to get hidden insights about the vCISO practice.
  • Get the most up-to-date vCISO operational models. 
  • Communicate and learn from your peers.
  • Shape the future of the vCISO space 
Join the ranks of top vCISOs — seize the future, enroll in the PowerGRYD™ vCISO community today!

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