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PowerPSA Consulting's game-changing approach is about to transform everything you thought you knew about efficiency and profitability. Get ready to supercharge your cyber business lines and leave the competition in the dust.

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PowerPSA Consulting’s “Easy Button” approach

Cyber personnel

We help you build a fully functional managed security ops team so that your customers are thrilled with your services.

Security operations playbooks

Take advantage of our custom library with curated policies, procedures, playbooks, and templates. Your tech teams can now execute your managed security services flawlessly.

Design and quoting

We build you a scalable security assessment process that flows effortlessly into design so that you get quotes out quickly and correctly.

Central source of truth

Use our proprietary client assessment matrix as a powerful and easy to understand model for consultative selling to your customers.

Sales training

We empower your team to expertly convey the "why" of cyber managed services and get buy-in from your clients so you close more deals.

Inductive cyber capabilities assessment

We take the time to understand your business. We learn what makes you unique, and why your customers choose your managed services. We use that "DNA" to inform our approach.

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